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Sigma Plus® is a customer-focused professional management service provider.
As a team of engineering specialists with expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we have management skill, technical know-how and experiences needed to support facility improvement/contraction in-time, economically without compromising on quality.

a. Project Management
Managing project means controlling the quality, cost, scheduling and implementation of the entire project as planned. Our management skills enable effective execution of the project in the face of maximizing profit of our clients.

b. Engineering Management
Engineering management enables balanced facility design by integrating core engineering expertise with the various elemental technologies. At each phase of the project, the engineering management ensures that the facility comply with c-GMP and other regulation / guidelines.

c. Construction Management
Construction management involves both procurement management and construction management. Procurement management ensures the transparency of the cost evaluation and minimizes additional expenditures. Whilst construction management provides fine tune control of the various construction and installation works involved.

d. Validation Management
Validation management enables consistent and streamlined validation activities throughout all project phases for Validation Master Plan (VMP), Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ), Support for Performance Qualification is also available.